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Recovery Room

Step into the soothing warmth of our infrared sauna, where radiant heat gently envelops you, promoting detoxification and relaxation. Followed by a refreshing dip in our invigorating cold tub, awakening your senses and boosting circulation. This harmonious combination creates a perfect balance, leaving you revitalized, stress-free, and ready to embrace the day. 

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Studio Flex45 Classes

Experience a variety of dynamic yoga and fitness classes at Studio Flex45. From the energetic Yoga Sculpt to the relaxing Deep Stretch, our classes cater to all preferences. Try Vinyasa Flow for fluid movements, Fascia Flow & Spin Class for mobility, and Recovery Yoga for relaxation. Sculpt and tone with Sculpt Mat Pilates and Booty Flex. Whether you seek intensity or restoration, Studio Flex45 has the class for you. Elevate your fitness journey with us today!

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